Clear or Remove “Top Hits” from Safari – Mac OS X

Recently, faced a problem when I wanted to remove a specific url from the “top hits” of my Safari 7 address bar in Mac OS X but found that it is nearly impossible to do so from Safari. There is no direct solution for this problem as even deleting it from history won’t remove it from the “Top hits”. After going through some files and some testing found the solution. Follow the below steps to remove any specific top hits from your Safari address/search bar.

1. Quit Safari
2. Go to ~/Library/Safari/ in finder. (Library folder in current user home)
3. Find “History.plist” file and edit it using textedit or text wrangler. (you may want to backup this file in case you messed it up)
4. Search in the file for the URL (for e.g. or the text (for e.g. yoursearch) that you are wanted delete from your “top hits”.
5. Identify the parent “ …. http://yoursearch ….. ” and delete it from the file.
6. Find any other instances of the same and delete the entire “” tags.
6. Open Safari and Enjoy. “” will no longer be there.

Hope this will help a few facing this problem as Safari doesn’t give any way of removing individual “Top hits” URLs.

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