Why so serious about life? Why earn so much? Why make a name for yourself? – Part 1

What if we fast forward 100 years from today? Can anyone in the world remember your name or what you are doing right now? May be you might have done some good so lets say you may be remembered for 200 years or lets say another 1000 years if you had made some history. Let’s visualize the time frame of 1000 years.

According to the Hindu Vedas (other scriptures), it is said that the Brahma who created us actually lives for 311,040,000,000,000 years (That’s 311 trillion 40 billion years!!!). He himself dies after this period and the next creation starts after another 311 trillion years of no-creation and the same process repeats itself without an end! If you follow Hinduism, you know we are in Kali Yuga but did anyone said that Kali Yuga lasts for 432,000 years!! and the previous Dvapara Yuga lasted for 864,000 years and preceding it were Treta yuga – 1,296,000 years & Satya Yuga 1,720,000 years!!! Together they form one MahaYuga and it lasts for 4,320,000 years!! For Brahma, he needs 1000 such MahaYugas to just end his day and he simply rests the same time as his night!! Just imagine these time spans were perceived and written at least 5000 years back in Srimad Bhagavatam! Let’s leave old science and see ourselves in the current situation.

Based on our science, our earth and sun which are believed to be formed around 4,500,000,000 years (4.5 billion years) and will supposedly end in another 7,500,000,000 years (7.5 billion years) have a life span of about 10 billion years. Based on our vision on how far we can see using our dear instruments, science has predicted that the big bang might have occurred 14 billion years ago and may last another 1-100 trillion years. This keep changing every decade based on how far we can perceive with our human senses and how wild we can imagine the death of the universe 🙂

Fame, even if it lasts for 1000 years, just lasts for 1/100,000,000,000 portion of the entire existence, and 1/10,000,000 of the earth’s or sun’s existence and 1/432 portion of this Kali Yuga. What if this portion is just a split second in another existence? What are we fighting for? Why are we so serious about earning fame, earning money, earning glory? Why are we running after our names, our bodies, our desires? Who remembers what you did right now, in the past or in the future? What is your purpose here? Why do you even exist?

All the money you hold, all the sorrow you experience, all the happiness you long for just disappears if you just close your eyes and see yourself after 100 years. Because you don’t exist, your money wont and your sorrows vanished in time.

Time is eternal, time is ever lasting and everything creates with it and ends with it. Stop fighting for your lives, stop being greedy,  stopping attaching yourselves with the things as what you are doing is just trying to fight with the time. Because nothing exists as you feel it should in the next 100 years and nothing exists as you imagine it should be in the next thousand years and nothing as such after 10 billions years!!! which is still a small time in terms of the TIME!

What about space!!! Can we see the end of the Universe and why can’t we see?

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